Sana Zabihiyan

Co-op Student

An image of Sana Zabihiyan, Co-op Student in the St. Catharines office of DDL & Co.

DDL & Co. Area of Specialty

Co-Op Student from Brock University with 2 years of Tax and Assurance experience.

What do you enjoy most about working at DDL & Co. in St. Catharines?

DDL & Co. has a friendly and open work environment that makes it easy to seek guidance whenever needed.

Why did you choose an accounting career?

I chose the accounting field because it allows me to help others with a service that many struggle with.

Inspirational quote(s) or idea(s) you live by:

“Be the best version of yourself and making people laugh”

Favourite Hobbies:

Outside of work I enjoy living an active lifestyle, writing, and spending time with friends and family.

Favourite chocolate bar:

Oh Henry!

Favourite show:

The older seasons of SpongeBob are my favourite. They’re just a timeless classic