Business Succession & Estate Planning

An image of two small business owners in Niagara region, who have just received the keys to their new business.

Comprehensive Estate and Succession Planning in St. Catharines

An effective succession plan is an essential component of every business. Whether you run a small startup (with a limited number of staff) or you manage a large corporation (employing hundreds), having a plan for when you are ready to step back (if you can’t express your wishes) is essential to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

The reliable and approachable accounting professionals at DDL & Co. care about their clients. As a full-service, mid-sized financial firm, we have taken pride in providing exceptional accounting, bookkeeping, advisory, and tax services to businesses and individuals in St. Catharines, the Niagara Region, and across Ontario for over 20 years.

Approachable and welcoming, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients who are confident and comfortable knowing their business and tax needs are in the hands of trusted and responsive professionals. As a result, we have extensive experience developing succession plans that ensure our clients’ and their loved ones’ needs are in capable hands.

Succession Planning to Protect You and Your Business

When it comes to you and your business, you have worked long and hard to create a legacy. But, when the time comes to leave your business, you want to be able to step away and know that your legacy will be protected. Our team of business succession experts can ensure that the company you worked so hard to create will be managed the way you want.

Whether you plan to sell your business, please pass it on to the next generation or close it altogether; we can help you determine your best course and ensure your wishes are followed.

The business and tax professionals at DDL & Co. are well-versed in Canadian business regulations and tax legislation. As a result, we can provide a detailed business valuation and create a plan to minimize tax obligations for you and your successor.

Expert Estate Planning for Your Business

Regarding estate planning, few people like to consider their demise or find themselves in a position where they can no longer make or communicate their decisions. Unfortunately, while such things are unpleasant, they eventually become a reality for all. These incidences can happen quickly and without warning, so having a plan for your business is essential for avoiding disproportionate income tax or a complex distribution of assets that could result in unnecessary probate fees.

We can deliver a strategy that would help you to minimize probate fees and taxes, leaving more for your loved ones. Our team of experts will review liabilities and help you avoid potential pitfalls. In addition, our collaborative approach means we are always current with the latest regulations and legislation, ensuring our clients are compliant. 

We care about our clients and take the time to listen and understand their concerns and explain in easy-to-understand terms the strategies to meet their individualized goals best. In addition, our extensive knowledge means that we can navigate tax requirements while providing advice on beneficiary distribution, managing and reporting trust income, and tax compliance.

Contact DDL & Co. in St. Catharines for Professional Business Succession and Estate Planning Services

The highly skilled and experienced Chartered Professional Accountants at DDL & Co. provide many clients with expert succession and estate planning strategies. Our expert services ensure you have the necessary insights to help you grow your business.

A full-service accounting firm located in the heart of St. Catharines, we have delivered exceptional client care for over 20 years. To learn more about how DDL & Co. can help you and your business, please contact us online or call us at 905-680-8669.