Senior Staff Accountant, Accounting and Assurance

An image of a young Senior Staff Accountant who has just started her career with DDL Accounting in St. Catharines.

Welcome to our thriving medium-sized regional public accounting firm, where we’re redefining the world of accounting with a fresh perspective and a dash of innovation. Led by a progressive Partnership team, we’re not just an ordinary firm – we’re a vibrant community driven by a strong sense of camaraderie and professional excellence.

Inspiring Excellence for Our Clients

When you step into our world, you’re not just crunching numbers – you’re shaping the roadmaps that businesses and individuals will follow. As a Senior Staff Accountant at our firm, you’ll be part of a team that guides clients through financial challenges and opportunities. From startups with big dreams to established enterprises aiming higher, your insights and expertise will illuminate their path, transforming financial figures into steppingstones toward success. You’ll unravel complexities and provide insights that empower our clients to forge new horizons.

A Day in the Life…

Imagine walking into the office, knowing that today’s actions will resonate far beyond these walls. You’ll start by leading audits, where your expertise and guidance will shape the course of our clients’ financial narratives. You love mentoring junior staff and get to watch their skills evolve under your guidance. In between, you’ll dive into compilation engagements, reviewing them with meticulous precision that sets a new standard.

You’ll drive innovation as you partner with Management to refine processes, shaping the firm’s future as much as we are shaping yours. And at the end of the day, you’ll know that your contributions aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet – they’re the driving force behind our clients’ growth, and the heart of our team’s success.

This Job Is for You If…

  • You’re a natural leader. Leading audit engagements and mentoring junior staff is where your passion comes to life.
  • You enjoy helping clients. You excel in nurturing essential relationships with clients and their teams, embodying a collaborative spirit of mutual benefit: “help me, help you”.
  • GAAP and CAS are your friends, and financial statements are your canvas. The tiniest detail gets caught by your eagle eye.
  • You’re a critical thinker who loves to connect the dots, find hidden irregularities, and solve the puzzles that come your way.
  • You can explain complex ideas and findings, as easily as you can collaborate with your team, creating impact and insight with both spoken and written word.
  • With 2-3 years in public accounting, and a CPA badge (or in-progress status), you’re primed for greatness.

Your Journey, Your Rewards…

We believe in taking care of those who drive our success. That’s why we offer:

  • Competitive base salary with flexible pay for performance: Your salary covers our standard 1964 annual work hours. Any extra hours that you work through the year are banked and can be used as paid time off or can be paid out quarterly.
  • A total compensation package that includes comprehensive benefits, GRSP matching program, paid wellness days, and performance bonuses. CPA’s are given 3 weeks of paid vacation.
  • An environment committed to continuous learning. Receive development through mentorship, ongoing training, and the chance to earn career-propelling certifications. Joining our Firm guarantees you a broader spectrum of experience and training, setting us apart from larger firms.
  • Opportunity: the Senior Staff Accountant role opens doors to future leadership positions within our firm for those interested. Though, if upward momentum is not your style, this is also a great place to find stability and deep expertise: we support all types of leaders.
  • A schedule tailored to you, whether it’s hybrid work options or a customized arrangement that suits your lifestyle. When needed, you will also get to change things up by visiting our clients for the occasional in-person audit.
  • A workplace that values balance. We understand that a fulfilling life extends beyond work, and we support you in achieving both personal and professional success. We work shorter hours in the summers (Fridays off), and we take a flexible approach to overtime: there are opportunities to work the number of hours that you are comfortable with.

Join Us…

Ready to be part of something bigger? Eager to lead, inspire, and make your mark? This is your invitation to be more than an accountant. With our friendly culture, strong community, and innovative spirit, you’ll find not just a job, but a team that empowers you to change the game. Your journey starts here. Apply now and let’s redefine excellence together.

Come and Join our Inclusive and Progressive Accounting Firm in St. Catharines

If you are interested in a great career opportunity with our firm, please apply by e-mail at and address your application to Melissa Stevens. Including where you heard about this job in your application would be helpful. While we thank all applicants for their interest, we will only contact candidates selected for an interview.